The Scholarship Committee of the Postgraduate Program in Portuguese Language and Literatures is responsible for the distribution of scholarships granted by the major fomenting agencies - CAPES, CNPq and FAPEMIG, for the Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Currently, the Program holds the following number of scholarships, according to their agencies: CAPES (41 scholarships, being 23 for the Doctoral Degree: 11 for modality I, and 12 for modality II; 18 for the Master's Degree: 3 for modality I and 15 for modality II, being accounted for, in such allotment, the loan quotas); CNPq (08 scholarships, being 02 for the Doctoral Degree and 06 for the Master's); FAPEMIG (06 scholarships, being 03 for the Doctoral Degree, and 03 for the Master's).

Only scholarships given with dissertation defenses and confirmed by the agencies are available to be granted to the selected candidates.

In addition to the regulations established by each agency, the Program grants scholarships in accordance to the following criteria:

  • Number of Master's and Doctorate's quotas made available annually to the courses by CAPES, CNPq and FAPEMIG agencies;
  • Order of student's classification in the selection process.

The acceptance of the candidate by the selective process does not imply the grant of a scholarship.

The allocation of a scholarship to a student does not create any employment bond with the beneficiary, even if one eventually provides services resulted from the usufruct of the scholarship granted.

The limit deadline of scholarship concession is determined by Resolution 01/2018.

Students who are granted scholarships should:

  • Fulfill and update biannually CNPq-LATTES' data system;
  • Act in accordance to the demands of the funding agencies (established in the Terms of Commitment/Acceptation signed by the student);
  • Be up to date with their postgraduate course;
  • Present coefficient greater to or equal to the minimum established by the Program's Regulation;
  • Not fail in any postgraduate course;
  • Deliver a biannual activities' report with the approval of their advisor;
  • Undertake teaching internship while in the Doctorate program and with a CAPES scholarship grant.

Currently, the Scholarship Commission is composed of the following members:

  • Prof. Terezinha Taborda Moreira (coordinator)
  • Prof. Hugo Mari
  • Prof. Juliana Alves Assis 
  • Giliard Dutra Brandão — Student representative — Linguistics

PUC MINAS Scholarship's Resolution 01/2018

​Assistance Scholarships — PUC Minas

PUC Minas may offer Assistance Scholarships to students chosen by the selective process that act in accordance to the criteria defined by the Ordinances R/N 07202016 and R/N 098/2016.

Doctoral Sandwich Program Abroad (PDSE/CAPES)

Doctoral Sandwich Program Abroad (PDSE/CAPES) aims to support the formation of high-level human resources via the concession of doctoral sandwich scholarship quotas to the Higher Education Institutions with Doctoral Courses recognized by CAPES. The internship abroad must contain, foremost, research in knowledge areas less consolidated in Brazil.

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