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With over 50 years of history, the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais is renowned for its excellence in educational innovations, as well as for promoting social justice and strengthening both domestic and international partnerships. PUC Minas is engaged in several areas of knowledge with efficiency and agility, supported by cutting-edge administrative and academic structures that ensure the modernity, quality, and sustainability of its resources.

Postgraduate Program in Portuguese Language and Literatures

The Postgraduate Program in Portuguese Language and Literatures at PUC Minas started in 1989, and it has, currently, two Areas of Concentration: "Linguistics and Portuguese" and "Lusophone Literatures", both with Master's and Doctoral courses.

The areas hold distinct faculty members, research lines, projects and curricular organization. However, there are interactive professors and projects, allowing the transit and intersection between the two areas. This reflects the Program's belief and commitment to an inter-area dialogue, in this case, between Linguistics and Literature, in favor, markedly, of research and teaching aimed at Basic Education, at which level the treatment of the language object is requested, considered, simultaneously, by the linguistic and literary aspects.


The Program's main goals are to:

Develop research projects at the Master's and Doctoral levels related to the lines and areas of concentration, that represent a contribution to the development of the objects and themes inserted in them;

Contribute, in an effective way, to increase the qualified personnel to work in research and teaching activities at various levels, with an emphasis on Higher Education, especially with a view to teacher training, in the offered areas of concentration;

Develop projects that contribute to the training of professionals from other academic areas that maintain interfaces with the field of language knowledge;

Propitiate the improvement of pedagogical practices and instruments for the different educational levels, with emphasis on Basic Education, through projects that integrate the teaching and learning activities of language and literature and that converge, particularly, towards issues related to (i) the theories and practices of reading and reader training, and to (ii) the approaches that take writing as their object.

The current research lines are:

Area: Linguistics and Portuguese

  • Language and Human Cognitive Activity: theories, processes and practices of meaning production
  • Language and Enunciation: social interactions and discursive practices
  • Line of research: Reading, writing and orality in Basic Education (Line of intersection between Linguistics and Literature)

Area: Lusophone Literatures

  • Literature paths: histories, criticisms, theories
  • Literary transits: production, translation, reception
  • Line of research: Reading, writing and orality in Basic Education (Line of intersection between Linguistics and Literature)

​PUC Minas/CESMAC Interinstitutional Doctoral Program (Alagoas) - 2019

In September 2018, the Program started an Interinstitutional Doctorate agreement with CESMAC University Center (Maceió/AL), whose main goal was to provide the training of professionals capable of developing and expanding the research activity within CESMAC, as well as to constitute itself as a fundamental irradiation center for teaching and extension activities in the various CAMPI in which the Institution operates in Alagoas.

General Objective: to offer the opportunity to train technically and scientifically qualified personnel for the exercise of professional teaching and research activities in language studies, with a view to advancing knowledge in the field of discursive practices, of interest to multiple areas of knowledge.

Specific Objectives:

  • to train teachers in related fields with discursive practices to contribute and accelerate the CESMAC Teaching, Research and Extension development process;
  • to strengthen research activities in the discursive field, under development at CESMAC, through the institutionalization of research projects already implemented or to be implemented in several Departments of the Institution;
  •  to provide instruments and conceptual means, in the field of discursive studies, for an implementation of academic production processes within the Institution;
  • to seek, by carrying out the research projects of doctoral students, the implementation of methodologies, strategies and analysis processes that are increasingly appropriate to research in the discursive field.


Prof. Dr. Sandra Maria Silva Cavalcante (PUC Minas)

Prof. Dr. Edileine Vieira Machado da Silva (CESMAC)