International institutions with which the PGP-Language and Literature has partnerships:

1. INSTITUTO CAMÕES (PORTUGAL) – The Instituto Camões is an organization present in several countries of the many continents, aimed at the external fostering of Portuguese language and culture. The agreement signed between the Instituto Camões and the Center of Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies (CESPUC) housed by the PGP-Language and Literature, beginning on 1995, allows the Center to foster events and the development of research and continuation projects involving graduation and post-graduation, as well as the publication of periodicals (Scripta and Cespuc Research Books, essays series) and books committed to the mission of the Center and of the Instituto Camões.

2. UNIVERSITÉ DE LORRAINE, UNIVERSITÉ DE LILLE E UNIVERSITÉ GRENOBLE ALPES (FRANCE) – There has been, since 2007, a long history of cooperation between PUC Minas, through the Language and Literature Post-Graduation Program, and the Université Grenoble-Alpes. This partnership and the new networks for cooperation with other French universities (Université de Lorraine and Université de Lille) and Brazilian HLIs (IFMG, UNESP of São José do Rio Preto, Unicamp, USP, FURB, UFOP) which formed through it also reflect themselves on research projects approved by stimulus agencies, actions for mobility, publications, seminars and the offer of disciplines.
3. UNIVERSITÉ DE LILLE (FRANÇA) – In 2017, as a consequence of partnerships between PUC Minas and the Université de Lille, the interinstitutional project "Intercultural challenges of evaluations and international comparisons in education: the PISA in question – CROSSING LOOKS - BRAZIL-FRANCE". The project gathers professors of the Université de Lille and of the two Fields of focus of the PGP-Language and Literature, besides professors of other 3 Minas Gerais HLIs (IFMG, UEMG and UFOP) and students of the Program and of graduation.

4. CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (EUA) – The partnership between Case Western Reserve University and the PGP-Language and Literature began on 2014, through common interests between researchers of the PGP-Language and Literature and researchers of the institution. Among those, the cognitivist linguist Mark Turner and the semioticist Per Aage Brandt (Case Western Reserve University – USA / Aarhus University – Denmark), markedly with regards to the theoretical and methodological principles of the fields of Cognitive Semantics and of Cognitive Semiotics.
5. UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA PORTUGUESA/FACULDADE DE CIÊNCIAS HUMANAS (PORTUGAL) – The partnership between the Universidade Católica de Portugal and the PGP-Language and Literature began on 2018, through common interests between researchers of the PGP-Language and Literature in the field of Language Studies and of Literary Studies and researchers of the institution.

6. UNIVERSITÉ DE MONTRÉAL (CANADA).  Two other actions mark this partnership, both involving professor Simon Harel, titular professor of the Département de Littérature Comparée of the Université de Montréal. The first of them is the participation of professor Simon Harel in the "VOICE AND BODY IN THE RITUAL CHANTS OF THE AIHA KALAPALO WOMEN" project, which began in the 2nd semester of 2019, in an interface between the two Fields of Focus of the Program, under the coordination of professors Daniella Lopes Dias Ignácio Rodrigues and Terezinha Taborda Moreira. Besides this initiative, there is also the presence, in the 1st semester of 2021, of the participation of professor Simon Harel, through videocinference, as a guest professor in the discipline "Special Topics II – Literature in the context of New Humanism".

7. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, USA – Work partnership around the "Academic writing/scientific writing: on the forms of presence of the author, of the other, of the fields of knowledge and their disciplinary domains" project (Interinstitutional Project with researchers from Brazil and from abroad. CNPq Universal Bid, Universal MCTIC/CNPQ 2018 Summons), coordinated by a professor of the Program.

8. UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA (PORTUGAL) – Since 2011, there is an exchange program with the Universidade de Lisboa, with a mutual commitment to periodically alternate symposiums that have as their object Literature and Philosophy.. The quality of the actions, their diversity, the presentation of products produced by professors, students and alumni, in a partnership relation with higher learning institutions of several countries – Canada, United States, France and Portuga, among others –, make evident the strong involvement of the PGP-Language and Literature in international partnerships.


PUC Minas understands the internationalization of higher learning as the process responsible for the integration of an international or intercultural approach to teaching, research and management of the services provided by the institution, not being an end in and of itself, but a means that seeks to guarantee the education of professionals to work in job markets that are more and more globalized.

Since the 1990s, several internationalization initiatives were gradually taken by professors and researchers of PUC Minas, a fact that resulted in the creation of the Board of International Relations to take care of these first agreements. In face of the growing demand and complexity of relations articulated by the University in 2004, the Board became the Secretary of International Relations, which, in 2008, was incorporated to the structure of the Secretary for Institutional Planning and Development (SEPLAN), given the centrality of internationalization in the strategies for management and planning of the University.

From there, an intensification of the international connections is observed with the institutional insertion of PUC Minas in the main networks of internationalization of higher learning, in Brazil and abroad, such as the Association of International Educators (NAFSA); the European Association for International Education (EAIE); the Association of Supports to Brazilian Universities for International Matters (FAUBAI); the PUCBR Network; the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB) and the UNIMINAS Network. PUC Minas also has more than 150 bilateral agreements with universities of 30 countries, in all modalities of internationalization, with the student modality being the most widely consolidated one.



In the PGP-Language and Literature, there is an expressive participation of professors in local, regional and national research networks, which also include the participation of students and alumni from the Program, besides graduation students. In following, we present a picture of these partnerships, which indicate, effectively, the strong capacity and commitment of the PGP-Language and Literature in the transfer of knowledge to society.



As a first evidence of the national insertion of the PGP-Language and Literature, we took, initially, the creation of the DINTER (Institutional Doctorate) in Language and Literature, in the fields of Linguistics and Portuguese Language, with the CESMAC University Center. Located in Maceió, in the State of Alagoas, this is the largest private university center in the State of Alagoas, distributed over 4 campi, having as its maintainer the Jayme de Altavilla Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization. The project was presented to the CAPES on 8/10/2018 and was homologated by the Manager of Evaluation of that Coordination in 8/16/2018.

This is the second time the PGP-Language and Literature approaches the CESMAC, following up on a co-tutorship experience for the doctorate of 3 professors of that institution, performed between August, 2011 and November, 2014, with the participation of the Université Grenoble Alpes (France) as well.

The profile of the demand to be met by this DINTER proposal is for higher education professionals that need to develop themselves, to qualify themselves to work on the field of research and of teaching, according to contemporary content demands. The trajectory of the PGP-Language and Literature in its 32 years of activity, marked by the quality of the education developed and by the national and international academic insertion of its professors, is the central factor for the success of this initiative.

After the selection, which took place on August, 2018, 17 doctorate students entered the DINTER, in a group made up by professionals of different fields of knowledge interested in studies about language, an object that permeates all fields of knowledge. Teachiung activities began in Septemner, 2018 and took place until the end of 2020, with eight specific disciplines for the class and one undertaken with regular students of the PGP-Language and Literature and of other Programs in the Country. Besides these disciplines, the doctorate students could enroll in disciplines of the PGP-Language and Literature of the regular offer throughout 2020, all of them through distance learning.



The Program maintains partnerships with several universities and other institutions aiming to implement new agreements and to consolidate others that had already been initiated.

  1. SÃO PAULO STATE UNIVERSITY (UNESP/SJRP), SÃO PAULO UNIVERSITY BLUMENAU REGIONAL UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION (FURB), MINAS GERAIS FEDERAL INSTITUTE (IFMG), OURO PRETO FEDERAL UNIVERSITY – Partnership that gives continuity to several other initiatives for research and collaboration involving the PGP-Language and Literatures and Programs and/or researchers of the HLIs indicated. Since 2019, the HLIs indicated were involved in the "Academic school/scientific writing of the forms of presence of the author, of the other, of the fields of knowledge and their discipline domains" project (approved in the Universal Summons MCTIC/CNPq 2018), under the coordination of PUC Minas, in the person of the professor Juliana Alves Assis.
  2. GPELL/CEALE/FaE/UFMG; UNIR; PBH/GPELL; UFU – This network of institutions, joined by PUC Minas, with the participation of professor Márcia Marques de Morais, works in the "Projeto Enciclopédia Rosiana", aimed at the publication (in print and digitally) of the "Enciclopédia Rosiana", the main objective of which is to widen the universe of investigation about the work of Guimarães Rosa..
  3. IFMG – The partnership of the PGP-Language and Literature with the IFMG is ongoing both in two interinstitutional projects described above and in the project titled "The verbal aspect: object of teaching of the Portuguese language in the basic education", approved by the bid 087/2019, of the Pro-Rector of Research, Innovation and Post-graduation of the IFMG, with a duration from 2020 to 2021.. The project is dedicated to the sponsoring of the objective of developing, as an educational product, a book (in the format of a manual) in which a theoretical-practical approach about the verbal aspect in the teaching of the Portuguese Language in basic education is presented.
  4. UFMG, UNIFAL, UEMG, UFSJ – The partnership between PUC Minas/PGP-Language and Literature and the HLIs indicated is articulated around the PIGIG. PIBIB. The research, titled "FORMATIVE PATHS OF STUDENTS – PARTICIPANTS OF THE PIBID IN MINAS GERAIS HLIs: KNOWLEDGES, PRACICES AND CONTEXTS OF TRAINING", began on 2015. At its current stage, the project aims to understand aspects of the multiple identities of these professors in training, interrogating its formative paths and being particularly interested in the learnings that took place and knowledges constructed from their participation in a program for initiation to teaching (2015 to 2017) and how the entry in the career has happened, in public schools for basic education (follow-up of alumni – stage 2018 to 2020).
  5. JSSUIT SERVICE FOR IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES – Institutional partnership in the sponsoring of the project of university research and extension titled LER (Leitura e Escrita com Refugiados e Migrantes - Reading and Writing with Refugees and Migrants). The project implies the performing and critical analysis (of a pedagogic and scientific nature) of practices of reading and writing, developed with young refugees and migrants, in recognized situation of social vulnerability, who live in the Belo Horizonte metro area.
  6. MINAS GERAIS FEDERAL UNIVERSITY – Partnership with Prof. Luciane Corrêa Ferreira, of the UFMG Faculty of Language and Literature, in discussions of a theoretical-methodological nature for the teaching of Portuguese as a Shelter Language (PLAc), within the scope of the project of extension of Reading and Writing with Refugees and Migrants (LER), in 2018. From this partnership, the proposition stemmed for a Thematic Symposium in the World Symposium of Portuguese Language Studies (SIMELP), in 2019, and the proposition of the project "Multimedia and multimodal narratives in the field of immigration and of refuge", initiated in 2020.
  7. CENTER OF PORTUGUESE STUDIES OF THE MINAS GERAIS FEDERAL UNIVERSITY – A partnership sponsored through the Versiprosa research group, of the Program, with the support of Instituto Camões, which supports the actions of CESPUC.