Projects linked to research lines prior to 2019

Research line 1: Alterity and identity in literature

Research project(s):

  • Language and trauma in Angolan literary writing (concluded in 2018) - Coordinator(s): Terezinha Taborda Moreira
  • Trauma, memory and representation in Luandino Vieira's literary writing (concluded in 2017) - Coordinator(s): Terezinha Taborda Moreira


Research line 3: Modernity and postmodernity in literature

Research project(s):

  • Writers speak about their land (concluded in 2018) - Coordinator(s): Raquel Beatriz Junqueira Guimarães


Research line 4: Formal and conceptual structure of language

Research project(s):

  • Conceptual integration, enunciation, polyphony and multimodality (concluded in 2017) - Coordinator(s): Milton do Nascimento


Research line 5: Linguistic variation and change

Research project(s):

  • Socio-historical description of the Portuguese of Belo Horizonte - Phase II (concluded in 2017) - Coordinator: Marco Antônio de Oliveira


Research Line 6: Enunciation and Discourse Processes

Research project(s):

  • Identity construction of the student of Portuguese Language and Literature in the spaces of literacy practices in the academic sphere (concluded in 2019) - Coordinator(s): Jane Quintiliano Guimarães Silva
  • Academic discourse in research and teaching: issues on the appropriation of the word of others (concluded in 2018) - Coordinator(s): Juliana Alves Assis
  • School of Higher Studies in academic literacies, internet and globalization (concluded in 2017) - Coordinator(s): Juliana Alves Assis
  • Academic reading and writing in the initial teaching education of the Portuguese language teacher: representations in/of the process of appropriation of scientific ways of saying and doing (concluded in 2017) - Coordinator(s): Juliana Alves Assis