Compulsory Disciplines – Master’s degree
Research Methodology I
Research seminar I
Supervised studies I

Compulsory Disciplines – Doctorate degree
Research Methodology II
Research Seminar II
Supervised studies II
Subjectivation processes matrices
Research Practice I / II
Thesis Preparation I / II / III

Elective disciplines – Master’s and Doctorate degrees
The constitution of the subject in Freud and Lacan
Psychoanalysis and social bond
Subjectivity and clinical psychology
Gender theories
Subjectivity and labor
Groups, institutions and organizations
Postmodernity and psychological distress
Youth and contemporaneity
Psychoanalysis and the mental health field
Clinical transdisciplinarity
Current uses of psychoanalysis
The direction of treatment in Freud and Lacan
Family clinic in contemporaneity
Special Topics I, II and III
Internship on Teaching