Network Emíli@ arises from the initiative of a group of South American researchers interested in the theme of childhood and youth and in the measurement of the different modes of public authorities action in the countries participating in the network, regarding the guarantee of the fundamental rights of children and young people. It establishes a fruitful partnership with European countries, especially Portugal and Spain, with a view to giving vent to research on themes related to children and young people in the context of their fundamental rights, under the theoretical-conceptual contribution of law, education, psychology and social studies on children and youth, that is, sociology, history and philosophy, the geography of childhood and youth and the anthropology of the child.

Within the network, to build theoretical and methodological contributions on the living conditions of childhood and youth that make it possible to think about the public policies aimed at those social groups, about their integral well-being. Likewise, shared studies can provide more visibility to political initiatives and their repercussions on the lives of new generations. The ways in which different countries find solutions to resolve social, economic, and political crises affect the lives of new generations.

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