Postgraduate Program in Religious Studies at PUC Minas (PPGCR PUC Minas)

Welcome to the Portal of the Postgraduate Program in Religious Studies at PUC Minas.

The PPGCR is an integral part of PUC Minas' efforts to offer, systematically and judiciously, a space for empirical and systematic research on the religious phenomenon in the articulation between religion and culture.

We invite you to be part of this history, to develop research and produce scientific knowledge about the religious phenomenon; to describe the constitutive aspects of religion in history, as well as in social, political and cultural systems; to interpret the religious phenomenon in the light of current theories; to understand religious pluralism with the capacity for critical dialogue and appreciation; to analyze issues concerning the secular and plural nature of contemporaneity, and to debate the ethical and social functions of religion considering the planetary crisis.


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