Requirements for scholarships in the Postgraduate Program in Social Communication at PUC Minas

The different modalities of Master's scholarships sponsored by development agencies will be distributed through a selection process, based on the candidates' ranking order, from the highest to the lowest score. The theoretical test and the interview with the scholarship committee will be considered in the score. In case of a tie, the second language proficiency exam results will be considered. The selection exams for the first semester of the year, including the remaining places, are considered to be a single process.

Following the classification order, candidates will be able to choose, among the available scholarships, the modality of preference, provided they meet the criteria established by the funding agencies.

Non-scholarship students who are already attending the Master's degree will be able to apply, up to one year after admission, to a new selection process for the scholarship. In this case, they will be exempted from paying the registration fee and from submitting the preliminary research project. The registration of current students should be made directly at the office, not online.

The registration of students, who have already benefited with scholarships from funding agencies, is forbidden in a new process of distribution of scholarships.

The Program currently offers scholarships from Capes and Fapemig, according to the agencies' quotas, and assistance scholarships, according to Ordinance R/Nº 072/2016 .