Postgraduate Law Program

The purpose of the Postgraduate Program in Law at PUC Minas is to form masters and doctors as well as to consolidate scientific research. In order to ensure the cohesion of its pedagogical project, the Faculty seeks to establish a theoretical axis on the reflection on the Democratic Rule of Law.


The Master's degree course – which was granted grade 6 in the most recent CAPES evaluation (the best grade attributed to Programs in the field in Minas Gerais) – was created in 1997 and offered Specialization in Procedural Law. In 2000, the Program was expanded to the PhD level. New areas of Law have been added and currently, it offers three Specialization Courses and nine lines of research. The Program's academic activities – particularly the courses' dynamics – are centered around its own lines of research as well as its faculty research projects, which is evidenced by the disciplines offered.

Classes are taught in Portuguese, except when foreign professors and researchers are brought in for seminars. The course takes place at the 'Coração Eucarístico' Campus, in Belo Horizonte, from Monday to Friday. Disciplines are taught in varied shifts (morning, afternoon and night).