The Program

  • Ponti­fical Catholic University of Minas Gerais
    1. With over 60 years of history, the Ponti­fical Catholic University of Minas Gerais  (PUC Minas) is renowned for its excellence in higher education and innovation, as well as promoting social inclusion and strengthening both domestic and international partnerships. PUC Minas is engaged in several areas of knowledge with competence and ef­ficiency, supported by cutting-edge administrative and academic structures that ensure modernity, quality, and sustainability of its resources.
  • The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering
    • The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE), which is part of the Polytechnique Institute of PUC Minas, was founded in 1996 and accredited by CAPES in 1998. The Program develops research in Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and is destined for professionals with a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and related fields.
    • In the current context of competitiveness, the job market calls for constantly more qualification, thus requiring researchers, educators and engineers with a Master's degree. The PPGEE conducts leading research and innovation aimed to attend the demands of utility, industrial, telecommunication and technology information companies. The Program also qualifies professionals to teach in higher education through its multidisciplinary and diverse research topics.
  • Goals
    • Build a permanent scientific and technological research environment. 
    • Prepare qualified personnel for research and teaching in the Electrical Engineering field, connected with relevant knowledge production for the professional practice in areas related to the Program's research lines.
    • Train high-level personnel for teaching and research, thus feeding and updating the undergraduate courses in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and related fields, taking into account the regional and national scenarios, as well as in the international context.