The Program currently has scholarships from CAPES / PROSUP and FAPEMIG for the students best classified in the selection processes. We count on a specific Scholarship Commission for each selection process and the Program's Board of Directors monitors the scholarship holders every six months, in accordance with Resolution no. 1 in 2018.

For more information about scholarships requirements please see the following websites:

• Fapemig



PUC Minas annually grants two scholarships for master courses and one scholarship for doctoral courses in each of the 16 stricto sensu Graduate Programs of the University, to students who prove per capita family income of up to 1.5 minimum wages, for 100% scholarships, and up to three minimum wages, for 50% scholarships.

Ordinance 072/2016, signed by the Dean and auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte, professor Dom Joaquim Giovani Mol Guimarães, was published on June 24, 2016. The scholarship is awarded in the percentage of 100% and can be converted into two scholarships of 50% to serve a larger number of students. The selection process related to the granting of scholarships implies enrollment in the selection process to enter the respective Graduate Program, academic selection and socioeconomic evaluation, carried out by the Secretariat for Culture and Community Affairs (Secac).



1. Students entering PUC Minas' Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs may participate in the selection process.

2. The socioeconomic selection will be defined by the classificatory process of the enrolled, based on the data related to the income and the number of members of the family group, which are informed by the student in the application and duly proven in the delivered document. For full scholarships, the per capita family income cannot exceed the value of 1.5 (one and a half) minimum wage, and, for partial scholarships, it cannot exceed the value of 3 (three) minimum wages.

3. The student will be responsible for the veracity of the data informed in the application, as well as for the suitability of the documentation submitted. Any divergence in the data will result in disqualification.

4. The scholarships awarded will be canceled, at any time, in case of finding irregularities in the documents submitted or false information provided by the fellow.

5. The scholarship will cover all installments of the semester due from the data of its concession and must include the installment referring to the enrollment.

6. Scholarships will only be awarded to a single member of the family group.

7. The student benefiting from the partial scholarship cannot accumulate it with any other benefit that he has or will have at the University.

8. The student receiving a partial scholarship must pay the remaining 50% of his / her tuition on time.


Ordinances of the Rectory that provide for the granting of assistance scholarships:

•             Ordinance 72/2016

•             Ordinance 98/2016